Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Blogspiration Lost

Disclaimer: this post may be a lot tad on the whiny side.  don't judge.

I've lost my blogspiration.  I have been in such a funk the last couple weeks.  Between the car being sick, Bobby working all the time, house in shambles with no time or energy to clean it up, bad sleep and Jack being sick, my blogging inspiration has flown out the window.  I actually stared at the computer screen for about 5 minutes trying to think of what to say next.  I am way behind in reading any other blogs.  I love all the fabulous things you al have to say, but I don't want to go read them.  Nothing personal, I swear.

I am ready for this deployment to be over.  It could be much worse though.  Bobby could be gone.  I am so thankful he's home, but it doesn't make it any easier with him here.  I can't rely on him for anything.  He works super long hours (he went into work at 2:00am yesterday) so I feel so guilty asking him to do anything.  I feel like we are in this holding pattern that is never ending.  We have no idea what will happen with us next.  I know in the Army you never know for sure either, but at least you have an idea.  If we were to stay in, we would be going to Career Course next.  But our next step is for Bobby to go interview for jobs at a career conference.  And we won't have any idea what companies until we get there.  And we have already done this once.  Which did turn out how we expected.  I know Bobby will get a great job, he is a great leader and will be such a huge asset to any company, I just want to know that everything will turn out ok.  And I want to know where the heck we will be. I hate the waiting. 

Bobby's parents are coming into town this weekend.  We have a wedding in Charleston to go to that has a "no kids" clause, so they are coming to watch Jack.  Who has a wedding on a holiday and doesn't allow kids?  Bobby was supposed to be in this wedding, which is a long story in itself, and now that he's not, both of us are kinda not excited to go. 

Oh, my sandals came in the mail on Monday.  Totally not the same color as in the picture.  They are basically lime green.  I don't mind them, they weren't what I was hoping they would be, but I don't want to send them back.  I'm still hoping the blue color will magically appear at my house. (I wear a 9.5 if anyone wants to send them to me)

Well sorry for the Debbie Downer post.  Hopefully I can kick this funk and get back blogging about happy things like puppies, babies and rainbows.



Awww, sorry to hear that! Sometimes things just catch up with you. I'm sorry to hear about the shoes, I know you were super excited about them. Trust me, I also know how frustrating it is to have your hubby home but not really home because he's working all the time. Hang in there and if I see your blue shoes.... ;)


I'm so sorry, Alexis. It's completely normal to be in a funk...especially with what you're going through. I understand your frustration. I know it's hard with Bobby being "home" to not see him often and not be able to rely on him for anything. You are super busy taking care of a baby, handling the homefront almost alone, volunteering with the FRG, while also being a wife. In case you don't hear it near enough: you are doing an excellent job. This army life is difficult, and we aren't promised an easy time. But, I want you to know, other wives like you are what get me through and make me proud to live this life. It is privelge to walk through journey with women like you, while the men/women serve our country, and when men like Bobby serve on the homefront to care for us. :)

I also understand about not knowing what is next. Our plan is to get out next spring. Stan's going to interview for jobs, too, when coming home. We're hoping for a government job of some sort. As long as we don't return to Ft. Sill for CCC & then somewhere else after that. I really don't want to endure anyother deployment, especially if children are in our near future.

Ok, now that I've written a book I will close....keep your head up. You're a great wife, mommy and friend. :)

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