Monday, June 14, 2010

Too long To-Do list

 I have a million things I want/need to get done.  I don't really want to do any of them.  Bobby and I have officially outgrown this house.  There really isn't room for one more thing.  That doesn't mean I won't buy anything, just not so sure where to put it.  And it drives me crazy that there are so many things that don't have "homes."

My guest craft room is in shambles.  Nothing has a place and it makes me not want to even go in there.  Good thing there is a door on that room and I can pretend it doesn't exist.  I have these big plans in my head on what I want it to look like, but the fact that we probably will be moving in less than a year have put any new remodeling on hold.  Plus, there is a huge bed in the way that we can't get rid of.  Who puts a bed in a craft room anyway?  So all my crafty things sit out in the elements.  Free to collect cat hair and be buried under the things we can't find a place for so they get banished to the room with a door that no one else goes in.  My poor cricut.  Don't worry girl, someday you will have a beautiful table to live on, I promise. 

I have like 4 craft projects that I have been putting off because I can't craft comfortably in that room.  Two are for my bestest friend who is having a little baby girl this July.  I am making wall letters like Jack's and a vinyl wall phrase.  No motivation to get in there. 

Doesn't life always get in the way when you have things planned?  This week I have had a bunch of things on the schedule.  So of course, my car decides to be difficult.  Well, really she's not broken or anything.  We took her in because the A/C was acting funny.  The middle vents were nice and icy cold, but the sides were blowing less than icy air.  And since it has regularly been 95 degrees or hotter here, we figured we'd check it out.  And the diagnosis?  Something way hard to reach, rip the entire dashboard and steering wheel then look behind that and in between the engine hard to reach, is not working right.  Obviously I cannot remember what the name of it is right now.  And when will she be ready you ask?  Oh Friday. Maybe.  She's been in sick call since last Thursday.  But she's getting fixed on post and it's WAY cheaper than any mechanic anywhere else.  So this week I am missing the funeral of a great man who lost his battle with cancer.  I worked with him in a therapeutic riding program that lets children with disabilities feel the amazing power of riding a horse.  And less important, but still prepaid for, are our Squats N' Tots class and our waterbabies class.

Another let's throw another log in the fire life move is our dryer is on the fritz.  Only SLIGHLY annoying since we use cloth diapers and rely on the dryer.  I tried line drying, but my stash is just not up to par yet and they were not drying fast enough.  So this happens last Thurs. night.  After the car is gone.  And of course there are NO appliance parts stores open on the weekend here.  Who does that?  Apparently nothing breaks on the weekend around here.  Also, since there is no dryer action, there is no laundry action.  So our bedroom is slowly becoming a dirty laundry pit.  We did do a few loads yesterday and with the help of my lovely neighbor and a newly makeshifted clothesline, we got some clothes cleaned up. 

Top all of this off with I can never clean my entire house in one sitting anymore, my to-do list is too long to do.  Anyone want to come help me get anything done?  Pretty please?  I pay in baked goods, outta this world lasagna and baby kisses.  The bed in the craft room will be waiting for you...



my goodness I am overwhelmed just reading this! LOL


Mercy, Mercy! Alexis, can I come over and help you with something?

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