Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Getting ready...

For my BFF's baby sprinkle!  My BFF, KM, is working on baby #2 and this time she's having a boy, so I am throwing a sprinkle for her (and him).  You know, sprinkle = little baby shower.  She's got the big stuff, but diapers are always needed.  Even though I've tried to get her on the cloth wagon, but whatever makes the Mama's life easier right?  Anyway, she doesn't really have a theme going on for him, so I decided on just a burlap/blue gingham/vintagy backyard party theme.  That sounds boy right?  Yeah, basically I get to just make fun things that I love. 

So KM doesn't like cake, I know, I know, it's absurd, so I decided to have an ice cream sundae bar!  Cute huh?  All the toppings will be in mason/jelly jars, in keeping the vintagy feel.  I can't wait!

Here are a couple of the decorations I've made...
Burlap wreath with blue gingham 'Welcome Jacob' bunting

This is a chalkboard sign I made.  We will write the baby's name at the top and everyone will guess the date and weight.  Then KM can hang it up until he's born.  And then Mr. KM will know where to go for all his chores after!

I haven't snapped the pics of the banner yet, but it's (also) burlap and blue gingham.  I am so excited to put it all together!  I love little party details.  Stay tuned for the party update!