Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Family Ties

I've been invaded.  By the in-laws.  And my parents will be here Thursday.  I really love having them here though.  I get a break!  My parents haven't seen Jack since he was one month, so I am beyond excited for them to get to play with him.  He has grown so much in the three months since we were in NY.  He smiles all the time, can laugh, grab things, roll over, and SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT! They may not care so much but I am over the moon with with sleeping thing!

As usual, we have a busy schedule planned.  Saturday, we are headed to Hilton Head for a 5K that my mom and Bobby will be running in.  Bobby may take Jack in the jogging stroller.  He bought Jack little New Balances, just like his. 

Pretty adorable how much he loves his little man.  While we are in Hilton Head, we will probably go eat at Truffles Cafe.  We love this place.  I always get the curry chicken salad. Yummy!

My sister gets into Savannah Saturday evening.  She cannot wait to get her hands on Jack.  She really loves him so much.  It's funny to me how into him she is.  All the pics I send her end up on her Facebook page. 

On Easter sunday, we are headed to the Westin Aqua Star for brunch.  We went two years ago when Bobby was home for R&R.  It was amazing!  I wish I had a picture of the spread, but I just have us... After spending 11 months apart, we didn't want pictures of food, sorry.  Imagine it though, pasta bar, omelet bar, waffle bar, sushi, carving station with ham, beef, and lamb, the breakfast staples, chocolate fountain, and countless desserts.  I'll make sure to get pictures this year.  Oh and wait till you see Jack's Easter outfit!  It's so adorable.

Hopefully, we make it down to Jacksonville for a little shopping.  If you haven't been to the St. John's Towne Center, you are missing out!  Great shopping here!

On April 6, Bobby and I will have been married for THREE YEARS!  Holy smokes!  How did that happen?!?!  And not surprisingly, this will be the first year we get to spend it together.  Come on Army, don't let me down this year, give me one day that's all I ask...  I am very excited to see where he chooses to take us to dinner, without Jack.  Grandma and Grandpa get to spend some quality time with the little man. 

Then on Thurday, it's my Dad's birthday!  So out to dinner we will go again!  My dad loves thai, so we may try a new restaurant that is owned by our favorite fancy thai place.  It's on the way to Tybee Island and Miley Cyrus eats here.  The place is called Ele

That brings us to Friday and it's when my parents and sister pile in the car with Alfie and Rosie, the dogs, and head back up to NY.  My Dad wants to be back by Saturday because it's his fantasy baseball auction.  Who knows when Bobby's parents are leaving.  They fly stand-by because Bobby's little brother Jon is a pilot.  So it's whatever flight can get them home, they take.  If you don't hear from me by Sunday April 11 2010, send reinforcements, I may have taken a life, maybe even my own...

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

If You Feed Him, It will Come... UP

Jack spits up.  A lot.  I don't really know what is a normal amount of baby spit-up, so I'm going to ask his pediatrician when we go for his 4 month check-up.  How is he 4 months already?? Hopefully he doesn't have anything like reflux.  Just in the past few days has it become annoying.  We go through lots of shirts.  I change my shirt about three times a day. Ugg, the laundry. Now I see why I got a TON of these as baby shower gifts...

I never thought I would use half of them.  These are lifesavers.  But now the laundry had doubled.  And I hate laundry.  I don't so much hate putting it in, switching it over, taking it out, but I HATE folding it and putting it away.  Currently there are about 4 loads of laundry waiting patiently in Jack's pack-n-play for me to fold them.  Good thing Jack doesn't use his pack-n-play anymore. 

I stopped wearing perfume regularly when Jack was born.  I think the smell might be too much for a little baby nose to handle. Come on, it's because you don't go anywhere now!  But just because I don't wear perfume, doesn't mean I don't have a scent.  It is now baby spit-up.  The smell is unmistakable.  I smell it in my sleep! Probably because I am sleeping in it.  I don't see any celebrity coming out with this scent any time soon.  So now that we have a baby, we 1. Have a theme song and 2. I have a new scent. Two things I would never change for anything!

Well, I did it.  I posted on The Bump.  It wasn't as scary as I thought it would be.  I didn't get "flamed" for lurking for so long.  I got genuine welcomes, probably because I posted this super cute picture of Jack to soften them up.

Doesn't that smile just melt your heart?  It does mine.  Completely melted.  I love this boy.  I love getting to wake up to that smile everyday.  It's so hard to have a bad morning when his sweet little face is smiling as big as he can, so happy to see me.  I love being a mommy...

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Organic for Your Health

Well lookie here.... blog #2. I am still a blogger. I have been in blog-world overload the past 24 hours stalking about 500 blogs. I love it! There are just so many talented people out there, I hope I can measure up. EEK!

I didn't sleep very well last night. Partly due to Jack waking up at 11:30pm when I had probably just fallen asleep at 10:30pm. I never heard him wake up, just Bobby asking me if he needed to eat. My wonderful husband had gotten up to get Jack after leaving for work yesterday morning at 5am and not getting home until 9:30pm. You are so wonderful to me Babe. I love you ♥. But, I think the real reason I didn't sleep was I was dreaming up my next blog. I have only about a million ideas.

  Food is one of my loves. I love creating recipes. I make a mean marinade. I really should be called The Kabob Queen. Grocery shopping is my favorite time of the week, actually if I had a Wegman's here, it would be my favorite time of the day. Don't get me started on Wegman's. We try to eat as organically as possible. It's so important to me that Jack get the best food possible, and since he is exclusively breastfed, I eat the best I can. We get a bi-weekly organic fruit and veggie delivery called a Farmbox from the local organic restaurant Cha Bella. They are in the process of adding meat and cheeses to their delivery services! Yes! I may never have to step foot in Kroger again?!

 If you want to try eating organic, food tastes how it's supposed to taste, here are the "Dirty Dozen" foods you should buy organic.
  1. Peaches
  2. Apples 
  3. Sweet bell peppers
  4. Celery (I get organic celery in my farmbox sometimes-AMAZING) 
  5. Nectarines 
  6. Strawberries 
  7. Cherries
  8. Kale 
  9. Leafy greens 
  10. Grapes 
  11. Carrots
  12. Pears
And onto the "Clean 15" for those foods you don't have to buy organic. Thank god! That stuff is so expensive!
  1. Onion 
  2. Avocado 
  3. Sweet corn 
  4. Pineapple 
  5. Mango 
  6. Asparagus 
  7. Sweet peas 
  8. Kiwi 
  9. Cabbage 
  10. Eggplant 
  11. Papaya
  12. Watermelon
  13. Broccoli
  14. Tomato
  15. Sweet Potato
I also always buy organic milk, or at least hormone free milk. It may cost a little more, but I drink so much milk I couldn't stand the thought of all that crap going in Jack's little body. And one day, I know Jack will thank me...


Monday, March 22, 2010

Hello World...

So this is my blogging dItalicebut. How did I get here? Where am I? When I got pregnant, I spent countless hours reading up on everything I could get/make/do for Jack. This is when the obsession started. I read message-boards on The Bump everyday, although I never posted a comment! I still read them now, and I still have not posted. Maybe this will help jumpstart me.

From reading message-boards, I found a ton of women on there had blogs. I stalked a lot of these blogs. I love reading what other people have to say. This is probably why I love to stalk facebook status updates too. Reading these blogs made me want my own. What the heck do I have to write about? Well I guess we will see.

Last night my husband said something that made me laugh. "That music is like our theme song." Now our lives have changed drastically since Jack came, I know I know, everyone who has had a baby has had their life changed, we realized our crazy little life has a theme song; the song that plays on the menu page of Baby Einstein's Baby Mozart. This DVD basically is our lifesaver. Jack loves it. Which is also how it has become our theme song. Say Jack is asleep, HOORAY! I can DO something, and this music is playing, you better not turn the DVD off, even if it is over. Jack will wake up, immediately. So much for doing something...