Monday, February 7, 2011

Craigslist Envy

I don't know why I do this to myself.  I love to scour Craigslist for furniture.  Specifically things I could revamp and make them fabulous.  And right now for stuff that could go in our new house.  No, we don't have a new house yet.  Or do we even know the city we will be living in next.  But I can still dream.  I know our next house will be (much) bigger than the one we are in now, so I will need a lot more stuff to fill the space.  Especially if we move into that beautiful 6 bedroom 4 bath 3000sq. ft. house in one of the cities Bobby's new job could be in.  It's gorgeous.  And boy have I been dreaming about decorating that baby!  Call it planning, not dreaming...

So of course on Craigslist today I found a bunch of stuff that I need want. 

Who doesn't want a cute table like this?  And for only $50??

There will probably be the perfect spot in our new house for these!  And $20 is such a good price!

I also want a china cabinet with a hutch, I haven't found the one yet though.  I want it to have glass doors on top, but I would take to glass out and put chicken wire in it's place. Beautiful details that would show up after some good distressing and maybe beadboard backsplashing.  It's out there.  I will find her.

Soon enough we will know where this dream house will be and then let the decorating begin!  Get ready Craigslist, I'll be busy...

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The wait is almost over!

Bobby had a great day of interviewing yesterday! He had 7 interviews and is knee deep in his 6 interviews today.  The opportunities are just amazing and I cannot wait to see what comes of it!  We have been waiting for this weekend for 2 years and now that it's almost over I CAN'T WAIT!

The locations of the jobs are alllll over the US.  To name a few places... Wilmington DE, Athens GA, Cleveland OH, Hammond IN, Cheyenne WY, Arizona, Utah, Chicago, Albany NY, and a few more I can't remember exactly.  It's actually quite overwhelming to think about!  We could be anywhere....

The hardest part is not being there with Bobby.  Spouses are invited to the career conference since we are part of the decision making process!  But with no one to watch Jack, I stayed home.  Bobby's older brother drove to Austin from Louisiana to be there for support. 

So for now I sit and wait, again.  Yesterday was the longest day of waiting...  Until 8:20pm or so, my time, after Bobby's meeting to find out the list of 'yes, no, maybes.'  Maybe some Target shopping will help the time pass...