Sunday, March 27, 2011


 So we are in Indiana.  We are Hoosiers now.  What exactly is a Hoosier anyway?  We asked one Indianan (is that right?) and he had no clue.  Even went it Indian University where their mascot a Hoosier.  Hopefully someone here knows.  And everyone here is sooo nice.  People in the south are nice, but that is to be expected with the sticky sweet tea, southern drawls, and lazy hot days.  Everyone we meet is so excited to have us in "their town." 

We also bought a house!  It's soo pretty.  I just cannot wait to move in.  Come on April 21st...  It's a BRAND spanking NEW house too!  We really never thought we would be buying a new build, but it ended up being the best deal out there.  And no one has used the shower.  How exciting is that?!  So here she is...

Cute huh?  I just cannot wait to decorate that baby!  And one of the best parts about her?  She has a GAS stove.  I am in heaven.  No more electric stink tops for us. 

For now we are living in a Residence Inn.  Now there are some perks to living in a hotel. 
1. Some one besides me will make my bed every day if I want.
2. We can eat out every meal if I don't want to cook.
3. I don't have to make breakfast, just walk down the hall.
4. Swimming every afternoon in the indoor pool makes Jack happy.
5. HBO

And of course there are some not so great things.
1. Some one bugs me daily wondering if I want the bed made.
2. We eat out a lot, my waistline will testify.
3. The person above us is housing an elephant, I swear.
4. Two dogs, one cat, one 16 month old and a husband in a teeny 2 bedroom "suite"

Also, we didn't exactly pack right.  Two weekends ago, we came here to house hunt.  We left Tuesday, got back around 11pm then had to drive another 2hrs home (airline tickets were $400 cheaper here) which got us home at 3am.  Then the packers came bright and early 8am the next day.  They packed up everything in sight.  Even Jacks diapers.  I went in to change him and she had already snatched them up.  I was kinda mad.  I mean, I have a baby, he wears diapers, why pack them up?  And they also got to our clothes before we knew what was going on.  So all my cold weather stuff is now sitting in a storage unit.  And it's oh 30 something degrees here!  When we left GA, it was like 80.  And we chose here?  But it should start getting warmer soon.  Right?  It is almost April...

Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Last Weekend...

Please ignore the fact that I have been MIA for a month...  Life has been flip turned upside down...

I am sitting on my couch in my living room for the last time on a Sunday afternoon.  This is the last weekend we will be spending in Savannah.  Crazy I tell ya...  Next weekend we are off to Chicago/Northwest Indiana to house hunt.  Then on the 18th, the movers come to pack up our house.  The house where Bobby proposed to me.  The backyard where we had our little wedding reception.  The bedroom where I slept alone for 15 months hoping my love would make it back me.  The nursery where we brought our baby boy home to.  The kitchen where I made my one year old's first birthday cake.  So many memories have happened here in 5 years.  And now we are moving on to make new ones.

It feels like life has been stuck on fast forward the past few weeks.  We accepted Bobby's job offer the day before we left for Disney.  That was a huge relief for Bobby and he was able to relax and enjoy himself.  We both ran in the Disney Princess Half Marathon on Feb 27, yes Bobby is now a princess, and survived finished in 3:03:11.  This was quite good for us considering Bobby was in a car accident the month before and our training basically halted then.  As soon as we got back from Disney, it was full speed ahead, Move to Indiana!  I feel like Bobby has been on the phone nonstop with his new company getting everything ready.  Good thing we up'ed our Verizon plan...

I'm not sure how it got to be the last weekend we will spend here.  I still have so many things I want to do.  I didn't get to finish much on my bucket list.  I guess I had some high hopes there.  Our last weekend was spent holding a garage sale, napping for 3 hours, and eating out at Houlihans.  And today, staying lazily out the front windows in my living room.  Hey they are open though, it's beautiful outside.  And to think I will be leaving the sunny 70s for the snowy 30s.  Who's idea was this moving North anyway??

So hopefully our next weekend will be more productive and we find a house to put an offer on and they accept it and we move in on the 20th when we get to Indiana.  HA!  Right!  Can you tell I am not excited to be residing in the Residence Inn with a baby, husband, 2 dogs and a cat for 30+ days??  At least we know pretty much what house we want, so as long as it looks as good in person as it does in pictures, we're offering!  Wish us luck!