Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bucket List, Savannah Edition

We won't be here forever.  This will hopefully be our last year in the Army.  When this deployment is over, Bobby will be getting out and making moves for the business world.  Which still leaves us with no idea where we will end up next.  That makes me anxious.  I dream of searching the internet for houses for sale and clinics I might want to work at. Oh well, I should get at least 2 weeks notice where we will go next.  That's plenty of time...

There are still so many things I want to do while we are here.  Who knows if our next town will be as amazing as living in a place with so much history?!?  So I'm starting my Savannah Bucket List.  I'm going to keep it up there next to my about me page, so if you have any suggestions I would love to hear them. 

1.  Stay in a bed and breakfast
2.  Complete the Savannah Bridge Run
3.  Eat at 'our list' of restaurants we haven't tried yet
  • 700 Drayton
  • Ele
  • Elizabeth on 37th
  • The Chart House
  • Saigon
  • Sapphire Grill
  • B. Matthews
4.  Go crabbing again
5.  Camp on Cumberland Island
6.  Take Jack to St. Simon Island
7.  Go to the aquarium in Atlanta
8.  Take a carriage tour now that we know more about the city
9.  Bike from downtown Savannah to Tybee Island
10. Soak up the sun for a day on Tybee
11. Race the dogs in the wiener dog races
12. Go to the mountains in North Georgia
13. Visit the Georgia Sea Turtle Center
14. Have family beach pictures taken
15. Visit the Telfair museum
16. Visit the Mighty 8th museum

Well that's all I can think of right now.  I know there are more I've come up with before, at least now I have a place to put them when I remember them!



um, 700 Drayton for Sunday brunch is TO DIE FOR. Friends of ours who were posted there also had great things to say about Ele.

Love the list!

Mrs. Gambizzle

finished your button hope you like it! It's in my post go check it out & let me know if you need help putting it in your blog! :)


Sounds like a good list. Is The Lady and Sons in Savannah? I can't remember, but I really want to go there! Also, Tybee is awesome!

Magnolias and Mimosas

It's amazing how quickly time sneaks up on you! I had made the same sort of list before we left Campbell...and will probably have to do the same by the time we leave here!

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