Thursday, June 17, 2010

I have a confession...

 I may have become a Twilight-a-holic.  Well not like full blown cause I haven't read the books and I don't like swoon over all the cast members.  I really want to read the books, but the whole raising an almost 7 month old occupies a large chunk of my life right now.

When Jack was still a wee little guy who didn't move and would fall asleep if I put him in his swing, I rented Twilight on demand.  Then like two days later rented New Moon.  I am hooked.  I think I am really hooked because I want to know what's gonna happen.  And now I want to go see Eclipse when it comes out.  I don't really have any friends who are into them though.  So, I asked Bobby if he would go with me.  He said sure, but movies are just a $9 nap for him anyway.  There have been like two movies we've seen together that he actually stayed awake through.  Is it like illegal to bring him to this movie?  I'm not up on the Twilight-a-holic rules.  I'm still a new addict.

I am also a Jacob fan.  I like werewolves better than vampires.  Totally think Bella should chose him over Edward.  Not to mention that Jacobs skin looks way better than Edwards. 

Bytheway... can you believe I have an almost 7 month old??!?!  Yeah, I'll probably say that every month, get used to it...


Dave and Ashley

I started out just like you - I didn't watch the first Twilight movie until it had been out for about a year, and LOVED it. And it was right before New Moon was in theaters, which of course I had to see right away. Now, we are stationed in Germany and I am waiting to see how long until Eclipse is in theaters on post (so far nothing up until July 7). I have started reading the first book, which I think is more incredible than the movie - but with Dave leaving soon (ie. less than one hand's worth), I put my reading to the side because I will have a year to do that. I must say though, I am an Edward fan and Bella seriously annoys me sometimes.


welcome to the club!!! Make sure you have PLENTY of time when you start reading the books. I stayed up LITERALLY all night reading Twilight, then, on no sleep drove in an ice storm to get the other 3 because I just COULD NOT WAIT to find out what happened. 3 days later I'd read them all (and managed to spend time with family while celebrating Christmas). I don't have posters hanging in my bedroom or anything, but I consider myself a full fledged Twihard! Any book that I can read 10+ times is a good one as far as I'm concerned! Oh and I was originally team Edward, but the more I watch New Moon, I'm converting!


I am SO team jacob too! :) As a fan that wishes she wasn't a fan, you so have to read the books. So awful, yet sooo good.


I think Edward and his glittery skin is kind of creepy when you see it in the movies. In the books I like to gloss over that part. Hence, I am also and Edward fan when it comes to the books, but Jacob in the movies.

Also, I wouldn't worry about taking Bobby with you, D has seen both movies with me (and read the books too, shhh, don't tell). I think its allowed. Granted, I'm not a teenager, so I don't make the rules.

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