Monday, June 28, 2010

What a Morning!

 Jack woke up with a fever.  And when I tried to give him tylenol, he threw it up.  The vomitted two more times, all over me.  And this happens as I am running around the living room, in my underwear, with no glasses on trying to find my phone to call, well someone!  I really didn't know who to call first.  Bobby? The hospital (who wouldn't have answered the phone for another 10 minutes anyway)? My mom?  My neighbor who has kids and would know what to do?  Why don't you get like a checklist when you have a baby on what to do in these situations?  And then, my phone dies. Ugg, why aren't you self charging phone...

Of course situations like this make me want to call and scream at Tricare.  Let's see Jack will be 7 months on Saturday, so for 7 months on Saturday I have been trying to get him seen at a pediatrian in the town that I live in.  Doesn't sound too much to ask right?  Ha! Well it is.  And the fact that there are TWO Army bases here doesn't help.  But BOTH Army bases are at least a 35-40 minute drive for me.  I was scared to load a baby up in the car who has been vomitting.  What if he aspirated while I was driving?  I know there are plenty of moms who have been referred off post to see pediatrians in this town, who have Tricare Prime like me.  I even know moms who live 5 minutes outside of post and were referred off post!  Why can't they just do the same for everyone?!?!  It drives me nuts!

Friday night, I was talking with another wife whose husband is on Rear D also.  She shared with me this fabulous thing she learned.  What she did was call the pediatrians office in town and asked if they were accepting new patients.  One pediatrian was so she called Tricare up and said this is where I want to go.  All they needed was a letter of acceptance and voila! she now has her child seen in our town and not 40 minutes away!  I had all intention of doing this today, well I still am but we had a slight detour through the ER on post.

Ok so back to Jack, I got both of us changed, loaded him in the car and drove to post.  Checking on him like every oh, 15 seconds or so.  Bobby had called the appointment line and gotten an appointment for 10:15am, but I wasn't waiting over 2 hours.  So we went into the ER.  We got in fairly (40 minutes) quickly and when they got a rectal temp on Jack, it was 101.3F.  Poor little man was so sad, but still was flirting with the nurse.  Since he had thrown up, he got a tylenol suppository.  An hour later, his temp went down a degree and we were sent home.  He's still pretty cranky but is sleeping away right now.  Hopefully we can get Jack's pedi changed once and for all and not have to deal with the long drive to post with a sick baby.  Not fun...



I have been the same, trying to get a doctor out in town. There is NO WAY I am driving to the nearest base (an hour away) to see a doctor for a PAP. Tricare is awesome, if more doctor's offices would accept it


Oh no, poor Jack! I hope he starts to feel better. Also, I totally hear you on the whole "where's my manual for this kid?" thing. I regularly stop and realize that I have no idea what I'm doing!

Elizabeth and Patrick

Oh wow .. what a morning!! Hope the baby gets better!!

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