Monday, July 12, 2010


We're sick.  All of us.  Jack started it.  His snotty runny nose got to us.  But his snotty runny nose lead to HIS FIRST TOOTH!  Its just starting to sprout up.  I can't believe my baby is getting teeth!

I started getting sick Friday night.  My throat was hurting and my head felt loopy.  I don't take any medicine now since I am still breast-feeding so I just tried to shake it off.  Saturday when we woke up I didn't feel that great but decided to go running to see if that would kick it out.  Usually when I run, it's just me, Jack and the jogging stroller, but Bobby came with us, so I got to run with both arms swinging.  And pulled some muscle in my shoulder blade area swinging my pushing arm.  Great.  When we got home, we were all sleepy, so Jack was put down for a nap and Bobby and I put ourselves down for a nap too.  Bobby got me an ice pack for my back while I read a book.  Next thing I know, it's two hours later.  I had fallen asleep with the ice pack still under my back.  And slightly frozen my muscle.  It hurt worse than before. So the rest of the day was shot since I could barely walk anywhere.  At least this stuff happens when Bobby is home...

Sat. night, my sick throat gets worse and it hurts to swallow.  Thankfully, Bobby gets up with Jack on Sunday morning and gives me a little time to unsick myself.  By the time I get out of bed, Jack is almost ready for his morning nap.  After putting him down, Bobby and I head out to get some lawn work done.  My garden is getting overtaken by weeds.  It has just been so hot lately I have no desire to sit in the sun and pull 4,359 weeds up.  But I started on Friday and got half the garden done, so I attempted to get the rest out.  Bobby fixed up the compost pile, mowed the lawn, and filled in some of the dogs escape tunnels.  He's much more dedicated than me...  By the time we threw in the towel, the sickness had gotten Bobby.  He started to feel nauseas so tried to nap it off.  That night when we went to bed, while it was still light out, both of us still felt pretty sick.

Having a sick baby that doesn't sleep through the night and two sick parents is no fun.  Luckily, Jack only got up once.  Sometimes, he pulls the let's get up every two hours routine.  Maybe he knew we needed some sleep?  But today, we both feel just as bad.  Poor Bobby has a verrrry busy week and I still have a crawling, curious, into everything 7 month old to run after.  Is it August yet?  I'm ready to go to NY and get a break...



Ugh! Sorry to hear that you guys aren't feeling well! I hope all 3 of you start to feel better soon!

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