Friday, July 30, 2010

Get That Out of Your Mouth!

 I have a feeling I will be saying that a lot to Jack.  He puts everything he can into his mouth.  Usually it's things he shouldn't be putting in there.  So far today these are all the things he has put or tried to put in his mouth. (in no particular order)

Dog food
Used Q-tips from the bathroom garbage can
Dryer lint
Daddy's sandals
Sammy's (our dog) ears
The fireplace screen
The paper bag our farmbox veggies came in
Something brown off the floor in Daddy's office
His diaper (clean)
Cardboard pieces from the cat scratcher
The lamp cord
Post office receipt
Magazine off ottoman
Sprayer hose on bathroom floor

Nothing in my house is safe.  Jack has also figured out how to pull himself up in his crib.  I had to lower the mattress a week or so ago.  Talk about a heart attack walking in to your baby's room and seeing him just about to swan dive over the edge!  He's figured out real quick that he can still pull himself up though.  So instead of napping, he wants to stand up!  Problem now is, he can't sit himself back down and he screams.  Poor little guy gets stuck standing up.  I have to go in and unstuck him and that usually means a naptime fail.  This does not make me a happy mommy.  I actually hear the "I'm standing and I can't get down" scream right now.  Oh the adventures in mommying...


Dave and Ashley

This made me LOL tremendously. I am sure it is not half as funny for you though. Hopefully Jack will calm down!

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