Friday, July 23, 2010

My Little Hansel

 Jack loves puffs.  Like loves them so much he wants to shove 5 or more in his mouth at once.  They dissolve quickly, so I don't mind so much.  And usually 3 stick to his hand so only like 2 get in there.  I bribe my baby to be good with these bad boys...

We are on the one canister a week plan.  I have a little puff-a-holic on my hands.  He'll probably have to go to rehab with that milk-a-holic Lindsey.

Since Jack is surviving on puffs, we leave a little puff trail everywhere we go.  Today we went grocery shopping and to keep Jack occupied we broke out the puffs.  I had to backtrack to the produce a little bit and noticed on the floor a few puffs we lost.  Then down an aisle we already went down and there were a few more puffs on the floor.  I think Jack was making sure we would find our way home.  Don't worry buddy, I know where we live...

I find these puff everywhere now.  In my car.  In his highchair.  On the bottom of my shoes.  In the bathroom.  In his crib.  In his diaper.  It's a good thing the dogs like them too, they help me clean up.

On another note...

Anyone have any good homemade ice cream recipes??  I have this great ice cream machine that we got for our wedding, yeah three years ago, and I need to use it!  I have some lavender just screaming to be ice cream, I scream, you scream, but I don't know really how to turn it into yummy ice cream.  Suggestions??



I don't have any ice cream recipes, but I just wanted to say that I LOVE home-made ice cream. We used to make it when I was a kid. Yummmmmm!

The McGriff's

Homemade ice cream is the best!! I normally use a random recipe from Joy of Cooking. Just plan ahead because the one I normally use has to be prepared the day before (cooked because it has eggs then cooled overnight in the fridge). If you want it let me know and I can email you the recipe. It is just for plain vanilla then I add toppings or mix in stuff.

And just wait until Jack is eating more than just puffs!! My car is always a mess. I don't know how many times we have had to vacuum the carseat out. And I have learned bananas are NOT good for the car ;-)

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