Saturday, July 24, 2010

Another Tooth!

 Another tooth is on it's way in!  Now Jack has his bottom central incisors.  He also has a snotty nose.  And a stuffy, can't nurse real well nose.  Every time I wipe his little nose off, he sneezes and more snot comes out.  Please don't tell me we have to do this 18 more times until all 20 of his baby teeth come in.  I will just go nuts!  Er, more nuts...

And now he's such a little cranky butt too.  We are already on nap #2 and it's only 11:45am.  I feel so bad for him that I can't fix it.  He's had teething tablets and tylenol so hopefully something starts working or else Mommy is going to need some medication too, like wine or vodka. 

Annnd... to top it all off, my weekend reinforcement, Daddy, has to go into work tonight.  I really count on him taking over helping on the weekends.  Doesn't the Army realize I have a baby that needs his Daddy?? I mean a Mommy that needs the Daddy...

So I've got some strawberry ice cream in the works.  I finally found a use for my strawberry sauce!  Hopefully later tonight we should have some yummy ice cream.  Also in the ice cream making list are a honey lavender ice cream and a good old fashioned chocolate ice creamYummm...



I don't think the Army cares. They're taking mine away for a month. Don't they know he's the one I deflect punishment to, or is the one who can do the math homework or is the one who does the quick runs to the commy so I don't have to load everyone up?

Hope the little guy feels better soon. Teething is never easy for anyone involved.

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