Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mom Dating

 So my friend Aly over at Infertility Overachievers posted today about making new friends.  She wants to know how you do it!  For a while now I've been thinking about this very same thing.  Being an Army wife makes it pretty easy to make new friends.  We all have a little something in common. You know,  our hubby's defending America's freedom.   There are all kinds of events that get us together and make socializing easy.  But how do you meet people outside of the Army? 

It's almost like trying to find someone to date.  Only instead of hanging out at the bars, yes, I met my husband in a bar, I hang at the playground and at mom and baby exercise classes.  It all started at baby yoga.  Jack was 4 months old and I was so ready to get out of the house and do something!  I thought I might find a mom that was my "type." And all the moms I met were really nice.  We chatted casually before class started, you know how it went I'm sure.  Oh how old is he/she?  What's his/her name?  I'm Alexis, what's your name? Even though you never remember the mom's name...  But nothing really ever got too serious.  I mean it's been quite a few years since I've been out in the dating world and dating moms is way different.  How do you ask a mom for her number?

After yoga, we signed up for a waterbabies class.  The instructor for the class seemed my "type."  And her baby's name is also Jack!  I think it's fate...  Bobby was able to take this class with us since it was on Saturdays so I didn't really chat too much with other moms, but the instructor let me know she teaches a Squats N' Tots class for mom and baby and that I should sign up.  So Jack and I signed ourselves up.  Well you know I signed us up...  On the first day of class, four of the moms from yoga were there!  You would think this would be a sign to get their info and become friends!  Well classes went on and I got nervous.  And now two of those moms don't take Squats N' Tots anymore.  I know we would have been great friends too...

But the good news is, since the rest of us all have so much in common, we all have a healthy dating relationship.  We broke the ice, exchanged emails and numbers, and have been planning things to do together!  It's nice to have friends with babies around the same age as Jack.  And to hold conversations about things like where to buy the cutest baby shoes and organic cheese.

So I decided to order myself some "mommy cards."  Like a business card for moms.  I found a cute design with birds on it at zazzle.    I just love birds...
I guess I can't make this any bigger, but you get the idea.

We were supposed to have a mom's date tonight, but Jack decided to be a cranky pants.  The Jazz festival has come to Savannah and we were going to meet in Forsyth Park to listen to music.  Jack's afternoon nap was all of 30 minutes while driving home from having lunch with Bobby on post and then he boycotted laying down again in the late afternoon, so I knew if we tried to go hang out he would just fall apart.  He isn't the type of baby who will just fall asleep in his stroller when he's tired either.  He's an "I gotta sleep in my own crib" kinda baby. So no date for us tonight.  Maybe next time...



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