Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Is It Fall Yet?

 I love to decorate for fall.  I love fall colors.  I love changing leaves.  I love crisp cool nights.  I love pumpkin scented candles.  And really anything pumpkin flavored.  I probably make the best pumpkin cheesecake out there.  Just go with it...  Too bad I live in the south and it's still in the 90s.  How are ya ever supposed to get excited for fall when I still sweat walking to my mailbox at 3pm? 

This will (probably) be the last fall I decorate our house.  The last time I break out my fall decoration box to do up the mantle.  The last time I get to make a Thanksgiving dinner where I try to rival Martha Stewart.  I'm close you know, if she didn't do the whole dinner in her horse barn thing, I might have beat her out...  I didn't get to make Thanksgiving last year since Jack was due to arrive around then.  I was quite mad about that too.  Thanksgiving is my FAV meal.  I begged Bobby to let me make it, but he was so sure I would be in the middle of cooking and Jack would knock on the door ready to make his entrance.  Oh well, I've made sure he knows I WILL be cooking this year.  And even if it's just us, I won't be down sizing the menu.  Hope you're hungry hunny!

I'm very excited to take Jack to pick out pumpkins too!  Last year we went on a hayride to get ours.  We were the only adults without kids, well outside kids, but we had a blast anyway.  The farm also has a petting zoo, Jack loves his animals!  I'm not sure what Jack will be for Halloween.  A lot of baby costumes are quite warm and considering the weather might still be a tad on the warm hot side, I don't know what to do!  And it's not really like he'll be out trick or treating for more than say two houses.  It's gonna be more about the pictures.  Which I'm sure he'll just love...

And you know what happens after fall?  December! And that's when my little baby boy will be ONE!  How in the world has this happened already?  I am so not ready for this...


The McGriff's

Why is this the last fall you are going to decorate for? Or maybe I am just reading that wrong.

And for Halloween if you can come up with something that is very versatile as far as weather goes you won't have to worry about him being too cold or too hot. Last year I made a lady bug shell (probably not a great idea for a boy) that I strapped over a dress and tights. If it was cooler I had a sweat suit ready to go. And make sure whatever you choose you can still get Jack into his carseat!! I almost sewed the lady bug shell onto the dress, which would have totally not worked ;-)

Mama B

Girl I am in AL so weather wise I am with you on being ready for fall!! I found you on the BG FB post. Come link up your post and while you're there enter my cloth diaper giveaway! -Bonnie @


I'm trying to figure out what AJ should dress as for Halloween this year also! At least it will be a bit cooler here than where you are....

Dave and Ashley

Fall is the absolute best!

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