Wednesday, September 8, 2010


 I have a new obsession.  The Nook.

I love this thing ♥

We got it a few weeks ago and I have barely put it down.  I love to read and love having any book I want at my fingertips.  Although having my credit card linked to this thing might not be so great for my bank account.  Especially since I have been engrossed in the Pretty Little Liars series.  I recently finished book 6 of 8.  They are very addicting!  I need to know what happens!  I just found out there is a tv series bases on the book too, but I can't find them online anywhere.  I'm trying to take a break right now and pay some attention to my family.  Sorry boys...

We had a great trip up to Atlanta.  Jack is such a good traveler.  He loved the aquarium! 

Can you believe how big this fish is??

It was harder for him to see the animals at the zoo, but he did notice the orangutans and laughed at them! Who can resist laughing at those silly guys???  Our hotel was so nice!  I would still be asleep in that bed if I could!  Very comfy!  It was so great to be on our own schedule and just go when we wanted.  Bobby and Jack even got to watch some Saturday morning cartoons together.

Although I love escaping on little getaways, I hate catching back up at home.  There is a never ending pile of laundry and two suitcases that still need to be unpacked.  Yes, my suitcase from NY is not unpacked yet, don't judge... 



I swear. I don't know how we could possibly have this much laundry to do! I'm on day #2 of non-stop laundry and we were only gone for 4 days!

Glad you guys had fun!

Goodnight moon

I got my hubs the Nook too...he LOVES it! Do you enjoy the books, Pretty Little Liars? I guess that is a silly question since your on going onto book #7. I watch the show and I'm completely HOOKED on it! I actually still have them on my DVR!

ACUs and ABCs

Pretty Little Liars just came out this year, but it is currently not on. They made it sound like the series would come back at some there wasn't a season finale or anything. It was on abc family.

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