Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Cheese Please!

 I love cheese.  Cheddar, swiss, muenster, american, goat, feta, blue, brie, mozzarella, ricotta, (to name a few) any kind I just love it all.  I love to make cheesey things.  Macaroni and cheese, fettucine alfredo, quesadillas, lasagna, mmm I'm getting hungry...  And wouldn't it just so happen that the man I marry is lactose intolerant!  That's right, sometimes the food I make literally makes Bobby sick.  But I still make them, I'm such a bad wife...

So I was craving some homeade baked macaroni and cheese.  The kind I make is my mom's recipe.  It calls for 3 different kinds of cheese: cheddar, swiss, and fontina.  But you know, not too much only like 2 pounds or so.  Bobby gets sick just thinking about it.  Now don't get me wrong, he loooves to eat it, but hates how it rocks his stomach.  Even when he takes triple the dose of his lactaid it doesn't help.  Poor guy.  But back to my craving, I couldn't just ignore it.  I was dreaming of the ooey gooey cheesey noodles.  I needed some baked macaroni and cheese.  My favorite part is the edge where it gets a little crunchy!  So off I ventured to the internet.  There had to be a less-cheesey-but-just-as-good version out there somewhere.  And you know who came to my and Bobby's stomach's rescue?  Why Martha Stewart of course!

She has the answer to pretty much everything!

I found her recipe for Healthy Macaroni and Cheese.  With only 4 oz. of cheddar cheese, 1/2 c. ricotta cheese and 1 1/2 c. milk, this recipe sounded like a much better alternative to my version.  It also has butternut squash in it!  Love ways to sneak in veggies, even though we love eating them on their own...  But with this added little bonus, I didn't feel too bad about letting Jack in on the macaroni fun!  And to make it even healthier, I used the Barilla Plus elbows! 
We love this line...

And the verdict?  Pretty darn good!  You really couldn't tell that the squash was even in the dish!  So it would be great for picky kids!  Jack loved it and ate two servings.  I'm not too sure what his serving size is, but he ate a ton!  I will definitely make this again.  It didn't upset Bobby's stomach, so this might be our new go-to macaroni and cheese recipe.

I've got to get back into my at least one new recipe a week routine.  I'm not sure when it disappeared, but I miss it.  I think now that Jack is extremely mobile, searching for a new yummy recipe has been sent to the back burner.  But I will get back to it.  And I'll let you know what that new and exciting recipe is, maybe that will keep me on track!  Man, all this talk about food leaves me hungry...


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