Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Look Out ATL!

 Here we come!  Since I found a really good deal on a 4 star hotel in Buckhead, I was able to convince Bobby that we should jet up to Atlanta this weekend.  I've always wanted to use Hotwire, this seemed like the perfect time!  We didn't need to stay at a specific hotel, just wanted to stay in Buckhead.  And the hotel we ended up getting.....  drumroll please....

The Desperate Housewives of Atlanta have stayed here.  I'll probably be breaking out the biggest pair of celebrity sunglasses I can find for my entrance to the hotel. 

Our plans are to head to the aquarium and the zoo and find a few good places to eat.  With Jack running the show these days, we won't be able to eat at the fancy places we've been longing to eat at, like any of these, but we are excited to try Big Chow Grill.  Any restaurant where I can hand pick the ingredients then get something totally different if I don't like it is perfect in my book and unlimited stir fry is always a plus! 

I got a couple suggestions on some Thai restaurants around the aquarium and zoo.  Not sure where we will go yet, but more suggestions are always helpful!

The weather while we are up in ATL is supposed to be just perfect.  Not too hot, in the low to mid 80s and partly sunny to sunny.  Couldn't ask for much better!  So let's just hope for our little monster to behave and we should have a great little getaway!



Have a blast!


Yay! Sounds like fun!


So literally 4 months after you inquired about my senior seminar paper, I have finally posted it. I hope you can find at least one interesting point (if you don't fall asleep halfway through it)! :)

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