Monday, August 30, 2010

Where'd Ya Go??

 Anyone asking themselves this question??  Sorry I guess I forgot to mention I was taking off for two weeks to vacay in NY.  Jack wanted to spend sometime with his grandparents!  But I'm back!  You can stop worrying now...

Jack and I had a ton of fun on our trip.  He was really great on the airplane.  I was so nervous.  He cried a little bit on the way up, mostly since it was naptime and he isn't used to falling asleep in my arms with like 75 people in the room.  But he charmed his way into the other passengers hearts with his big Jack smile and bright blue eyes, so they weren't upset by his little outburst.  Since pictures are much more fun, here is our trip photostyle.  Well you know Jack on our trip...

Eating his first piece of NY corn on the cob, so yummy!

Sharing my puffs with my great-great uncle jack!

Loving on my grandpa

Swinging with gramma

Laughing with grampa bb

In front of grampa bb's '67 camaro at Jack's first car show!

Driving the camaro!

Trying to be cute so Mommy will get him an ice cream at Papa Jack's Ice Cream Shop

Blueberry pancakes at the Country Club

Waiting for the T in Boston!

First time on the T!

Aunt Abbe loving Jack up

Passed out on the way home from Boston

Playing on the train table in Imagaine That!

My mom's friend Ginny owns Imagine That! and is just a big kid!

Jack meeting his future wife Miss Millie Louise

First time having Grandpa's lasagna!  Yummm!

Driving with the windows down does funny things to your hair!

Just went swimming at the cabin!

Waiting to get off the plane to see Daddy!

We had a great trip home.  I got to stroll around my favorite place on earth Wegman's.  We visited the Ithaca Farmers Market, one of my favorite outdoor markets.  I ate a lobster in Boston at Legal Seafood.  We saw all the family on both sides.  Went shopping at the Waterloo outlets, Jack of course made out like a bandit!  But it was so nice to sleep in my own bed last night.  Traveling takes so much out of you I could probably still be sleeping! 

We are gonna try to take a mini family vacay up to Atlanta this weekend since it will pretty much be Bobby's last weekend to do anything with us.  The deployment will be coming to an end in the next few months which means he will be super busy!  We really need to get going on my bucket list, so this little trip might help!



I missed you! Glad you had a good trip and made it back safely!

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