Thursday, April 22, 2010

Greener Life

Being green is pretty important to me.  I want to make our world better for my little man.  Here are some things we do right now.
  1. Eat oragnic, local food
  2. Recycle a ton
  3. Use eco-friendly cleaners
  4. Plant veggies and herbs
  5. Bring reuseable bags when shopping
  6. Filter our water with a brita instead of buying bottles of water
It doesn't seem like a lot when I write it all down, but there are more things we can do.  Here's what we plan to do soon.
  1. Compost our organic waste
  2. Build a clothesline to dry our clothes
  3. Use cloth diapers on Jack
  4. Join a food co-op
  5. Make our dish soap & laundry detergent eco-friendly (check out Legacy of Clean products)
I'd love to know other ways I can be more green.  Got any for me?? 

I stared writing this post this morning when a friend texted me to ask if Jack and I wanted to go walking at the park.  What a beautiful day to get out in the fresh air!   Her little boy is 15 months old, so he was running all over the playground area.  Jack was drooling all over my arm as I carried him all over the playground area.  On the way home, I stopped at Kroger to pick up a few things we needed for our steak fajitas tonight.  Of course the day I forget my camera, I see something totally worth photographing.  Sitting in between two orange display buckets is an empty bottle of a chemical used to ripen fruit.  I was shocked.  I'm not dumb to think that they don't use it, but to leave an empty bottly out where people can read it?  Like I did?  And my mouth about hit the ground when I read 'Not for human consumption' on it??  Hello, people are going to eat whatever you put that on! I tried taking a pic on my phone, but forgot to save it.  Once again, I am reminded why I am spending more on organic food...


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