Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Armyed again...

I will say we have been very lucky in our {almost} five years in the Army, but pretty much every major event in our lives has been "Armyed." 

Picture it...
December 2006- Unknown to me, Bobby buys a ring!
January 2007- President announces surge in Iraq
February 12, 2007- The love of my life asks me to marry him!
March 2007- Bobby is in the field the enitre month, I plan the WHOLE (wasn't too much work since we opted for the small quickie kind) wedding.
April 6, 2007- I marry my best friend

April 27, 2007- Bobby deploys to Iraq to 15 months, oh yeah, he left on ADVON too.  Honeymoon? Forget it.
Thank you Mr. President, no, of course I did not want to have a big beautiful wedding in NY with our families there....

So what do you do when the Army only gives you a few moments together?  Take your "honeymoon" during R&R of course!  We went to Disney for 4 days, not exactly the honeymoon I was dreaming of, but we had a blast! 

This should be us on an exotic beach drinking pink drinks with umbrellas in them.  Hey, at least I got him all to myself!

We are so blessed to have Bobby home during this deployment.  Bobby got to see this birth of his son.  Very lucky for an Army family during deployment time!  That is something we will have forever! I will never forget this memory.

The lone Army kudos in this post...

So the Army is at it again.  Jack is fast approaching five months old and we want to christen him.  We want it done in NY, at the church I was christened in, with all our family there.  Not too much to ask right?  OF COURSE IT IS!!!  When Bobby asked months ago if he could have a weekend off to christen Jack, his XO said "YOU CANNOT TAKE LEAVE."  Hmph, someone must not be Catholic...

Now I completely understand that Bobby is the Rear D commander and the rest of the unit is gone. He has legal power in case something legal needs to be done.  The other guys don't get leave.  I get it.  But one weekend?  We can't just have one weekend to do this? We aren't trying to take a cruise here...

Well Bobby's XO called him on Sunday and asked if he still wanted to take leave.  YES, YES, YES, we do!!  So I called my mom as fast as I could, told her to call the church, lets get this rolling, we only have a month! 
By Tuesday this is what we have... 
Father Bill called- check
Church booked- check
Family starting to plan- check
Email from Bobby's XO saying he can only get leave if there is another CPT to cover- check WAIT WHAT?

Hopefully this all works out. In our favor of course. But this is the Army.  This is the life I have come to expect.  All I want is my son to be christened.  Who would have thought that would be so difficult...



The Army makes it impossible to plan. I'm impressed that you even got a wedding in!


I really hope it all works out!!

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