Saturday, October 6, 2012

Back from the dead!

Well looky here, I found my way my to bloggyland.  I really thought I was lost forever.  I don't know what happened really, but lets just move on to the part where I am back.  Hopefully for good...

Let's take a look at what has happened to me over the past year.  Oops...

Jack turned two.  We had his Winter Wonderland birthday party in NY with all his cousins.  It was supposed to be a sledding party, but Mother Nature had other plans.  The hot chocolate and donuts were flowing and the kids never even missed the snow.

In April, we were blessed with a sweet little girl, Elise Rose.  She was born April 11, 2012, 5 days late.  I had the most wonderful waterbirth at home!  After having contractions for two weeks, my water broke at the elementary school playground while Bobby and I were trying to get the crazies out of Jack.  My water never broke spontaneously with Jack so I was quite surprised when it happened.  Half an hour later the contractions started.  My midwife was at an appointment in Chicago and was stuck in rush hour traffic, so two hours later, my birth assistant, Bobby and I welcomed an impatient little girl on our own. 

Adjusting to life with two little ones is tough, but I still have all my hair and I haven't emptied the wine and liquor cabinet, yet.

We had a rough May as our cat, Gretel, was hit by a car near our house.  She came to me when I was in Vet Tech school and has been one of the best pets I ever owned.  It took me weeks to stop seeing her around the house.  Jack really misses his Kitty, hopefully we can get him another one some day.

June brought a vacation and a new sister!  We celebrated Bobby's brothers wedding in Jacksonville FL.  We rented a beach house and spent a few relaxing days in the sun, well rain but who's counting...  We even got to visit with our Savannah friends who came to play on the beach! Love you guys!

My parents came to visit in July.  It was my Dad and sister's first visit with Elise.  My Mom was here for the birth.  Welcome to the bloggyworld Mom and Dad!

Bobby got promoted at work so we got off the awful rotating shift work schedule.  He now works days and has the weekends off! YAY!  Except for today (Saturday) as he got called in to cover for a supervisor.  Eh, you can't win 'em all right?
The end of July we surprised Bobby's parents by driving home for the weekend of Big Bob's 60th birthday.  We drove for 13 hours with screaming children to show up at 11:30pm.  We had to convince Bobby's dad there was something in the garage for them where we were waiting.  See Bobby's dad has guns and we were afraid of getting shot if we walked in or rang the bell that late...  Jack got to ride in the hot rods so he was very excited.

Yesterday we got back from a 3 week long NY trip.  Bobby had a business trip in NC for 2 weeks and I was not staying home with the monsters kids by myself so I packed up and drove 13 hours with two kids by myself to NY.  I know the logic is off there huh?  But we all made it.  And then Bobby came out after his trip for a week and we christened Elise!  I left my camera in NY of course so I will have to update those pictures later.

Last month I also became a Beachbody coach.  I started Beachbody back in July when my friend and now coach Lindsey offered a 10-day Shakeology challenge.  I wanted to shed the baby weight so I said sign me up!  In the 10 day challenge I lost 7 pounds!  I loved shakeology so much I bought a bag.  And now combined with Insanity, I am down 13 pounds!  I'll tell you all more about my journey later, but if you have questions or want to learn about this awesome company you can check out my site at  Or you can click the Shakeology banner on the left hand side.


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