Monday, October 15, 2012

Terrible threes?

Is Jack in his terrible threes or is it just his Dad?  Every day Jack is an angel, then Daddy comes home and I swear the kid is in time out every 5 minutes.  So our night goes like this:
(Jack is sitting quietly in the living room watching his show while Mommy cooks dinner)
Mommy: Jack, Daddy is home
Jack: Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!!!
(Daddy enters the house)
Daddy: Hey buddy!
(Jack races around the kitchen/living room throwing his toys)
Daddy: What'd you do today Jack?
(thwack-Jack smacks Bobby in the face/smacks one of the dogs/smacks his sister on the head) 
 Mommy: Jack, go to time out, we do not hit.
(cue screaming and crying and more screaming)
Mommy to Daddy: Can you just go back to work???
We tried to Skype with Bobby's parents tonight but  1. couldn't hear because Jack was yelling the whole time 2. Jack was in time out half the time.
I wait patiently all day for Bobby to come home and take the monsters kids away from me, but now I am beginning to rethink that.  Did I really just say that?
After being an Army wife and knowing the sacrifice that goes into a deployment, I never understand how I have sane Army girlfriends with kids. I seriously could never ever do this alone.  I need Bobby.  And realizing how much I need him, breaks my heart a little more for my friends who have done this over and over again.  Bobby and I were just newlyweds when he deployed and that was hard enough. You girls are my heroes!
On that note, the house is silent and I know by the empty bed I see on the monitor Jack is not asleep yet, so I better go make sure everyone is still alive.  I mentioned how much I love my kids right?


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