Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sore butts

 Poor Jack-man has the WORST diaper rash going on.  He's had some diarrhea from teeth coming in (so I diagnosed, he had no other symptoms, just call me Dr. Mom...) which caused a small rash to break out.  So I took him out of his cloth and put some disposables on with some diaper cream and waited for results.  Well nothing happened.  Actually, something happened. His rash got worse.  He ended up with little ulcers all over his bottom.  He cried, or rather screamed when we changed him.  I cried when we changed him.  It was not good.

So I called around hoping to find Jack a pediatrician.  No such luck.  Apparently in our town, every pedi is either booked up till September or not accepting new patients.  I really didn't want to drive to another town, so I took Jack to the Express Care clinic.  A short, for hospitals, 45 minutes later, we left leaving the Dr. confused on what to do since it wasn't yeast like she was expecting.  A couple creams and a week later, Jack still has a bad rash.  So I've been trying all the at home remedies I can find.  Vinegar and tea tree oil in the bath, a olive oil/water/tea tree paste on the butt, cornstarch dustings, and going commando most of the day for Jack.  So we've gone through a ton of shorts, but I'll gladly take laundry over screaming babies.  Any suggestions on anything else I should try???  My poor little man...


Caroline mesko

Mix equa parts aquaphor, desitin, and a&d cream -
And I dab all moisture off my son's bum before
I apply the cream.

Hope he feels better! I enjoy reading your blog.
Mine is

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