Saturday, June 4, 2011

I'm still an Army wife...

  Well an Army Reserve wife now.  Bobby is away for his first Army Reserve training weekend.  He has to go a little over an hour away into Illinois.  I'm not exactly thrilled over this.  In Bobby's new job, he gets 2 4-day weekends off a month.  And that's pretty much it.  The other two weekends, he works 12 hour shifts.  So the Reserves are cutting into my weekend time.  Now I only get one!  I know, I know boohoo, at least he's home. 

Trust me, I am completely thankful he is here with us, gets to eat (most of the time) dinner with us, sleep in his own bed, and play with Jack everyday.  I just am not handling this transistion very well.  Bobby's hours are not what we were expecting.  His shifts are crazy and not anything normal humans should have to work.  But his plant is Unionized and the hourly workers make too much money with the schedule the way it is to want it changed.

I'm not sure what to expect of the Reserves.  He is stabilized, so no deployment looming.  We are beyond thrilled with that.  But it still worries me.  I guess it's because we just came from Ft. Stewart where units barely get 12 months home between deployments, and the time home is spent mostly in the field.  It must be my Active Duty wife brain that knows never to believe it until it's over.  The Army always changes things.  I don't feel strong enough to handle a deployment with a child.  I have said over and over, I don't know how families do it, and do it multiple times.  It breaks my heart to think of all the kids who have to say goodbye to their moms and dads.  Those parents are much stronger than me.  I don't want Jack to have to say goodbye to Bobby like that.  So the Reserves scares me.  I just hope everything works out like we want it...


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