Monday, May 23, 2011

Don't you love it when...

 You've finally gotten the baby calmed down and ready for bed, you lay him in him crib, kiss him goodnight, quietly turn around for the door only to trip on the block that somehow snuck behind your foot which leads you to knock into the toy that proceeds to sound off with his obnoxiously loud helicopter noise.  Then as you try to bend down to pick it up to shut it up, you bang your head into the dresser drawer you left open when you got the pjs out.  The drawer was left open because you had to chase down the naked baby fresh out of the bath who is about to pee all over the carpet.  So holding your head you feel for the doorknob, but first catch your fingers in the folding closet doors and finally freedom is seconds away.  You open the door, light from the hallway floods in, the baby jerks his head up and starts to cry... again. 

We've had a long night here.  Pretty ready for the Daddy to come home on Thursday. I never would have survived the deployment with a baby...  You mamas who do are way tough, tougher than me...  And don't ever let 'em tell ya different!


This American Wife

Awww, I've been there! I hope the rest of this week goes better and that Daddy gives you a break when he gets home!

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