Thursday, October 14, 2010

Utterly Tired

 Jack has roseola.  And I have engorged breasts. Sorry to get so real so fast... It all started with a fever on Sunday which stayed around 100F, spiked to 103F on Monday and was gone by Wednesday morning.  Then Wed. night I noticed his torso covered in little red spots.  Not raised or itchy, but ALL over his back and front!  Also, for some reason Wed. night my right breast was really full, so I pumped before bed.  And I pumped 3 ounces.  Now this may not sound like a lot, but I am not a quantity pumper.  It takes me days to get 4 ounces, I just don't do it enough I guess.  This morning he woke at 5am for a fill up and went back down as normal.  An hour later he wakes up screaming.  And I was kinda screaming too!  My right breast was engorged again.  I tried to feed Jack on that breast, and the little stinker bit me!  Jack has never once in our whole 10 and a half months of breastfeeding even half nibbled me, so I squealed a little.  Ok I screamed.  Then he started crying, maybe I scared him.  But after that he refused to nurse.  So I rocked him for a bit and put him back down.

A couple hours later he gets up and we get our breakfasts ready.  Since I am still feeling like Bessy the Moo Cow, I decide to pump again.  I get another 3 ounces!  Fast forward to Jack's nap time and we get all settled to nurse.  Nope.  Not having it.  He takes two swigs, bites, pulls off and screams his head off.  I should also add here that Jack has also refused to drink water from his sippy cup.  Great kid, you really don't want IV fluids...  So back to naptime, I put him down and he's out right away.  Once again, I feel like I'm about to explode so I pump another 4 ounces.  Strange little side note: This is all only from one side.  The other is acting normal...  Now when Jack won't nurse again before his afternoon nap and has barely had three sips of water all day, I call the Dr. and ask to be seen.  The little red spot rash was a mystery but I was mostly concerned about the not drinking.  So was his Dr.  And the spots are from roseola.  At least we are on the tail end of that virus...

So Jack got a little treat and I put a couple splashes of apple juice in his water to see if he'd drink that.  He took a few more sips than before but not much.  Before I put him to bed I gave him one of the bottles of breastmilk I pumped.  He drank about 1/2 ounce.  If he doesn't start drinking more tomorrow then we might be off to the hospital to get IV fluids.  Let's hope for some chugging tomorrow!  Now I must be off to pump myself dry.  Since Jack isn't holding up his end of the bargain...


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