Friday, October 1, 2010

Hot Date!

 Woohoo!  I have a hot date tomorrow night!  My husband!  Now this might not seem as exciting to you, but Bobby and I haven't been out on a real date since April.  With this whole Rear D gig, I don't get to see him much.  So I took it upon myself to call our babysitter and set up a date and then tell Bobby he will be required to wine and dine me Sat. night.  Luckily, he's in the Army and used to following orders.  Good husband...

And he's been getting ready for the past two nights. By sleeping.  I told him he will be required to stay awake until at least 10pm.  Of course I plan this date after one of the busiest weeks he's had.  Poor guy got like 5 hours of sleep from Mon-Wed. between redeployment flights and soldier issues at work.  Luckily he got a break today and was home by 4:40pm and then asleep on the couch by 6:30pm.  He almost beat Jack to bed...

I think the lucky restaurant will be the new mediterranean place downtown.  They even have a hookah bar although I don't think we will be participating in that event.  Then of course we will be visiting our favorite dessert date spot Lulu's Chocolate Bar.  It really doesn't get any better than this place!  Bobby got me a strawberry suspension cake from here for my graduation. It was heavenly.  I think I even ate some for breakfast...


Dave and Ashley

Have a fabulous night! The chocolate bar makes me envious!

ACUs and ABCs

The restaurant was interesting. The food was very fancy, which didn't quite fit with the crypt theme. Myself and my two friends each ordered appetizers. I ordered the nachos and did not like them. The cheese was fancy and tasted much more like a gravy than a cheese. But my friends liked theirs. How was the mediterranean restaurant?

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