Friday, May 7, 2010

That's Mrs. Nosy to You

 If you ask my husband, he'll tell you I am that nosy neighbor always peeking out the window. He calls me 'grandma' and likes to tell all our friends that I keep up with the neighborhood gossip. We have some interesting characters in our subdivision, topping off the list with our neighbors. She is lovingly referred to as 'Crazy' and lives with her daughter, who wears slippers outside and wouldn't know a hairbrush if it smacked her in the face. The daughter also has two kids. The little girl will one day be strutting her stuff down the street in a bikini top and a cigarette, and the boy will probably torture all the stray cats (that they feed). It's actually a very sad story. But I wouldn't call me 'nosy', just curious. I like to know about people. Now of course when three cops cars, an ambulance, and a firetruck come screaming down your road and stop in front of the hoodrat/drugdealer/crackhead house down the street, I'm gonna wanna go check it out. You would too, admit it. I think we all have a little ambulance chaser in our hearts. Right?

I love to know peoples stories. I love to hear where they come from, what they are about, and what they are doing in life. So many times when you talk with someone, you end up being connected to them somehow. Wonderful little six degrees of seperation.

A few months ago, Bobby was asked to speak at a MOAA meeting a couple hours from us. We packed up our new little baby and ventured down to backwoods GA to have dinner with some awesome military veterans. Bobby's speech was about reassuring these veterans all the work they did during their servicetime is still worth their sacrifices. During the speech Bobby also gave his background and our crazy little love story. After he finished, one of the men raised his hand and asked how much studying he did in Lavery Library. Turns out, this guy went to the same college as Bobby in upstate NY! Small world! And now, on Saturday, we are headed back to that small GA town to have dinner with this man and his wife. I love how this stuff happens!

Yesterday, Jack and I had our first Squats N' Tots class. It is put on by the same woman who did our Waterbabies class. Four of our yogi friends were in the class too! This class was a bit more intense than yoga though. We did lounges. Holding the babies. Down a loooooong corridor. Yes my legs are screamin, thanks for asking. At the end of the class, I was talking with the instructor about us not being there next week since we are going home to NY. She asked where and then told me she was married on Keuka Lake in NY! Her husbands family has a cottage there, but they are from Kentucky. My family used to have a cottage on Keuka. Those are some of my favorite memories from childhood. Small world again...

So, if I ever get to meet any of you, or if I already know you, I don't ask a million question to be nosy. I love finding out what makes people who they are. I also love people watching, and since I once had an english project assigned to watch people and make up a life for them, I don't find anything wrong in it!

On a different note, today is Military Spouse Appreciation Day! Take a moment to hug and thank any military spouses you know for all the sacrifice we make!



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