Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bad Mommy

 I had my first mommy fail.  And it sure was a doozie.  Wednesday before we left town, I locked Jack in the car.  I still tear up thinking about it.  And it was hot, 90 degrees hot.

Jack had an appointment to get his second round of 4 month vaccinations.  Since military health care is always right on top of things of course this was only two weeks after his initail 4 month shots. Tons of sarcasim right there...  So nope, they made me wait over a month... reason 5,492 I am begging and pleading to see a civilian pediatrian in my town.  Anyway, during this appointment, his pedi told me that his last urinalysis came back elevated again and he wanted to send it off one more time to a different lab just to be sure.  If it comes back abnormal again, he gets referred to an endocrinologist.  Figures I would get this news when Bobby couldn't come and I leave my phone in the car.  So after I beg the pedi to just put a urine bag on Jack and not catheterize him, he pees right away, and he gets his shots, I race to the car to call Bobby about what happened.

Picutre it, I am carrying Jack in his car seat, the car keys, the diaper bag, and some papers the nurse handed me on the way out.  I am fumbling to unlock the car, and lift Jack into his throne.  I snap him in, put the keys over the front seat so I know where there are when I get in, and shut Jack's door.  My stomach sank as the door shut and I remembered the beep I heard like someone locked their car door.  I grabbed the front door handle. Locked.  I grabbed Jack's handle. Locked.  I almost fell to the ground right there.  My purse, keys, phone, and CHILD are locked inside the car at 11:00am in 90 degree heat.  He was already screaming from getting shots and wanting to be held but now he was wailing.  Luckily there was a woman getting in her car behind me so hysterically I told her what happened.  I think it was English.  She understood after what seemed like an eternity and by that time another woman had pulled up in her car.  The first woman called 911 and I called Bobby on the other woman's phone.

After an excruciating 10 minutes, the first MP (military police for all you non armies) showed up.  He sloooowly walked up to the car and asked what was wrong.  I almost tackled him, but instead screamed at him that my 5 month old was locked in the car.  He then tells me (slowly) that he doesn't have anything to get the car open.  My options are to wait for someone who does or break the window.  I think I told him to break the window before he even finished the sentence.  So he pulls out his gun.  Removes the clip.  And asks me which window.  By this time, Bobby showed up and I lost it all over again.  I couldn't watch the MP break the window, but Bobby said it took him a while to actually break the glass.  Once broken, it felt like the world was in slow motion.  No one went to unlock the doors, so I rushed to the window, brushed the glass away, and pushed the unlock button.  Bobby was already over on Jack's side getting him out when I ran around the car.  My poor little boy was crying and dripping sweat when he came out.  I lost it again.  We went to the ER to get him checked out. Thankfully, he was fine and will never remember it! 

Yesterday was my first day back in the car after our trip home, so I was extra cautious with locking the doors.  I actually had an appointment at the hospital, so I made sure to park far away from the spot I locked him in.  One door now stays open at all times until I am in the car.  I will never let that happen again...



Scary! I am always afraid I'm going to do that! The good news is that he's okay. Don't beat yourself up over it.

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