Monday, May 24, 2010

Can You Believe This?

 I am very pro breastfeeding.  Besides all the obvious like its WAY better for the baby and FREE, it's NATURAL!!  Now I completely understand those Mamas who cannot for whatever good reason, but I can't stand those who don't try.  Why wouldn't you give your baby the best of everything??  I have exclusively breastfed Jack for going on 6 months, and I don't plan on stopping anytime soon.  So when I read a post Chanda over at The Eco-Cheap Mom put up, I couldn't believe it.  How will breastfeeding ever be seen as the most normal, natural thing it is if people write this crap about it...

Read the post, you'll see what I mean.  :Jumping down off my soapbox:

EDIT: I just wanted to add that I always use my nursing cover in public, I do agree that most people don't want to see that.  I do it more for me than them though, I don't need anyone but the hubs looking at my lady lumps...



I used to live in Boulder, CO and there was a woman seen around town that had appeared on many talk shows b/c she breastfeed until her children were something like 8 yrs old or something like that. I have no problem with breastfeeding or doing so in public - it's totally natural and gross to eat in the bathroom. As for breastfeeding an 8 yr old, well, jury is out on that one.


I don't have kids so I speak from my experiences in dealing with breastfeeding moms. I don't mind it as long as there's a courtesy blanket... We all love boobs but no one wants to see them while they're eating and say what you will about choosing to look the other way... An exposed breast is like a pink elephant in the room. But I'm all for the benefits of breast-milk- I was breast-fed and I'm convinced that's why I did well in school.

Amy @ Positively Splendid

I had no idea about this article until now. Thanks so much for linking! I am a very pro-breastfeeding mama, and I am absolutely appalled at how ignorant people are about it. I am nourishing my baby, for goodness sake. To sexualize something so wholesome is a sad commentary on the state of our country. I do think a nursing cover or a blanket of some sort is appropriate, and I use one myself. But it still bears pointing out that folks will tolerate nudity galore during primetime, but a mother simply feeding her hungry baby is considered inappropriate? What irony!

Whew - guess this got me all twitterpated. ;)

I am stopping by to thank you very much for your sweet comment on my calla lily wreath project. I truly appreciate it! :)

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