Monday, May 24, 2010

The No Sleep Kid

Jack has lost his ability to sleep.  He won't nap.  He doesn't sleep through the night anymore.  He's cranky.  A lot.  I am also cranky.

I'm hoping all this sleeplessness is due to the crazy changes Jack has been having lately.  First, his crib was recalled so he sleeps in his pack n' play in his room.  Then we started him on solids on Mother's Day.  I was just so excited to feed him real food!  We also took his first flight and he really wasn't feeling that too much.

I can't seem to get Jack on a schedule.  I have things to do some days.  So he gets packed up into the car and hauled all around town.  Now, he sleeps in the car, but I can't drive around multiple times a day just for naps.  And I sure don't have time to read all those wonderful books that will magically make your child sleep if you read them.  And of course follow their principles, duh.  I called my BFF the other day, almost at my witts end with Jack screeching in the background, for any advice she had.  She has two boys, who nap.  She must know things.  She told me I need to get him on a routine.  I know I do, but hoooowwwww???

Night-time is pretty much a nightmare too.  Since Jack doesn't nap, he's super sleepy come 6:30pm.  Right when we are trying to make and eat dinner.  Last night we had to juggle Jack while putting food on the table, then inhale it as he cried in his high-chair.  Putting Jack to bed at 6:30pm sounds great huh?  Well no, it's not.  Not when he wakes back up at 12:00am.  And then again at 3:00am.  And then again at 5:00am.  We are back to month one with this kid!  Remember when he usd to go down at 8:00pm and sleep till 4:00am?  That was wonderful...

So Jack eats food.  And he has real poop.  Maybe this has something to do with the sleeping?  His tummy is all like what the heck?  I hope it gets used to the stuff cause we ain't stoppin' now! 

I really hope the replacement crib parts come today.  I need this boy back to normal.  And Mama and Daddy need some sleep...



My kiddo (2 now) went through 2 phases of no sleep and the first time he was about 7 months old and he was cutting teeth and just a major grump...the second is more recent and was because of his allergies. These may not be the reasons Jack isn't sleeping but I remember how tired I was (Jason was deployed the first round of no sleep) and I was willing to try anything. It may not seem serious but if it keeps up maybe a little check with the Dr just to see wouldn't hurt...and of course a routine :)

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