Sunday, May 22, 2011

Shopping makes me mad!

Maybe just more so shopping with a toddler.  Not only do I have to entertain Jack, I also have to look out for people walking down the aisle (on my "side") not paying attention.  Keep Jack from grabbing anything within reach.  Force cinnamon pretzels into each hand to distract Jack from the fact that he is strapped into the cart.  Oh and I have to find what I need.  Piece of cake...

Today we went to Lowes to find a hanging basket for the gorgeous ivy geranium I bought at the Farmer's market yesterday.  While I was browsing the fruit and veggie plants, I found Thai basil!  I have searched high and low in the world, ok maybe just outdoor markets and greenhouses around where we have lived, for this plant!  I almost ordered seeds off the internet one year but ended up with no room for it anyway.  Well when I saw it today I had to have it.  Well, no we don't have a garden.  Or so much as an area yet for one.  Our fence isn't even up yet, so I have no clue where one would go.  But I bought it anyway.  And since you can't just buy one plant, I got some sweet basil, curly parsley, cilantro, 2 different tomato varieties, spaghetti squash, and a jalapeno plant.  Hmm... now where to plant these babies...  Well luckily, last year, a friend got us a cute galvanized bucket full of plants for our garden last year.  So I filled it back up with all these plants.  Ok just half, I need to go buy another bucket for the herbs.  Then once the fence goes in, I plan to build a raised bed garden.  So soon enough they will have a permanent home.

Ok back to why I despise shopping.  When we paid for our things, we get out to the car and wouldn't you know someone has parked over the line leaving me oh 2-3 inches to get Jack into the car.  Why does this always happen on the car seat side?  If I wasn't such a law abiding citizen and really liked my cars paint job, I would slam open my door into the other car just to teach 'em a lesson.  This always happens to me too.  The other day at the gym, Jack and I both had to get into the car from the other side cause someone was that close.  I'm not quite sure how she didn't take side view mirrors off getting in...

Also, it's my absolute favorite to watch people just sail the cart back in the general direction of the corrals.  Eh, so what if we push it into the side and not actually the opening.  As long as it's close it counts right????


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