Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Family Ties

I've been invaded.  By the in-laws.  And my parents will be here Thursday.  I really love having them here though.  I get a break!  My parents haven't seen Jack since he was one month, so I am beyond excited for them to get to play with him.  He has grown so much in the three months since we were in NY.  He smiles all the time, can laugh, grab things, roll over, and SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT! They may not care so much but I am over the moon with with sleeping thing!

As usual, we have a busy schedule planned.  Saturday, we are headed to Hilton Head for a 5K that my mom and Bobby will be running in.  Bobby may take Jack in the jogging stroller.  He bought Jack little New Balances, just like his. 

Pretty adorable how much he loves his little man.  While we are in Hilton Head, we will probably go eat at Truffles Cafe.  We love this place.  I always get the curry chicken salad. Yummy!

My sister gets into Savannah Saturday evening.  She cannot wait to get her hands on Jack.  She really loves him so much.  It's funny to me how into him she is.  All the pics I send her end up on her Facebook page. 

On Easter sunday, we are headed to the Westin Aqua Star for brunch.  We went two years ago when Bobby was home for R&R.  It was amazing!  I wish I had a picture of the spread, but I just have us... After spending 11 months apart, we didn't want pictures of food, sorry.  Imagine it though, pasta bar, omelet bar, waffle bar, sushi, carving station with ham, beef, and lamb, the breakfast staples, chocolate fountain, and countless desserts.  I'll make sure to get pictures this year.  Oh and wait till you see Jack's Easter outfit!  It's so adorable.

Hopefully, we make it down to Jacksonville for a little shopping.  If you haven't been to the St. John's Towne Center, you are missing out!  Great shopping here!

On April 6, Bobby and I will have been married for THREE YEARS!  Holy smokes!  How did that happen?!?!  And not surprisingly, this will be the first year we get to spend it together.  Come on Army, don't let me down this year, give me one day that's all I ask...  I am very excited to see where he chooses to take us to dinner, without Jack.  Grandma and Grandpa get to spend some quality time with the little man. 

Then on Thurday, it's my Dad's birthday!  So out to dinner we will go again!  My dad loves thai, so we may try a new restaurant that is owned by our favorite fancy thai place.  It's on the way to Tybee Island and Miley Cyrus eats here.  The place is called Ele

That brings us to Friday and it's when my parents and sister pile in the car with Alfie and Rosie, the dogs, and head back up to NY.  My Dad wants to be back by Saturday because it's his fantasy baseball auction.  Who knows when Bobby's parents are leaving.  They fly stand-by because Bobby's little brother Jon is a pilot.  So it's whatever flight can get them home, they take.  If you don't hear from me by Sunday April 11 2010, send reinforcements, I may have taken a life, maybe even my own...



Jacksonville huh? I live 20 minutes from the Towne Center, love love love that place. Stop by the Cheesecake Factory while you're there and have a piece of Red Velvet Cheesecake for me.


The McGriff's

Sounds like you are a busy lady right now. I bet Jack is loving all the attention from his grandparents!

Those matching shoes are just ADORABLE!!!

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