Tuesday, September 6, 2011

2 Years, Coming Right Up!

Jack-man is fast approaching two years old.  I honestly don't believe it, but the increasingly frequent temper tantrums are proving me wrong.  Every day I am amazed at the amount of things this kid knows.  It's like he's studying ways to shock us in his sleep.  His use of words and signs gets better everyday and he actually tells us his opinion on things he wants for snack, lunch and drinks.  Potty training is also on the close horizon.  I'm going to try the 3-day potty training method.  It's gotten great reviews and just worked for a friend.  We are in the getting ready period since she recommends starting at 22 months, which is just a few short weeks away...

And now that Jack's birthday is only about 3 months away, I need to get started on thinking about his birthday party!  I love to plan a good party and my only little boys 2nd birthday has got to be great!  I had so much fun planning for his 1st birthday, I can't wait to pick a theme for number 2!  But I can't decide what to do.  Jack has a lot of favs.  Thomas, trucks, cars, dinosaurs, Elmo (and the rest of Sesame Street), so I'm not sure which way to go.  I've been browsing one of my favorite party sites, Kara's Party Ideas, to find the one.  I love all the ideas, I just need to go with one!

Jack will probably also have more than one party.  Lucky kid huh?  Since we don't live near any family, we will probably have one when we go home for Christmas.  So maybe, two parties, two themes?  We will see.  I still have a little time...


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