Saturday, November 27, 2010

Oh Poor Bloggy...

How I have been neglecting you.  I have this little button on my Yahoo page that one clicks me to my blog.  I have been ignoring that little button every time I check my email.  If I don't click on it then I am not reminded that I haven't written anything in ages.  I'm not feeling too bloggy lately.  And the Jack-man is quite the free time hog.

That and all my free time has been spent planning the most super fantastical One Fish Two Fish 1st birthday party.  I really cannot wait to share it with you all!  Stay tuned...

We had a great Thanksgiving.  Our friend Jon came how from Afghanistan the day before and stayed with us for two nights, so it was just us and him.  But don't let the fact that there were only 4 of us fool you, we have more than enough for about 10.  I have a fear of running out of food and people going hungry.  And I love me some turkey sandwich leftovers.  So I slaved all day, those boys were spoiled, and turned out quite the feast.  Take a peek...

Needless to say, we didn't run out of food.  Again...  Ah well, at least I don't have to worry about dinners for a few days right? 

Today I accomplished an amazing feat.  At least in my book.  I ran 5.64 miles.  In a row.  Without stopping.  Crazy huh?  That's the farthest I have ever gone!  One week from today is the Savannah Bridge run and I am doing the 10K.  So looks like I actually might finish.  And not die.  Yippeeee!

Among some other exciting news, we will be going to NY for Christmas!  That makes us so incredibly happy you have no idea.  Christmas is our absolute favorite and the lack of snow in these parts really gets to us.  Christmas is already in the process of going up, yes it's a process, and Christmas music is in full swing around here.

Well I will leave you with one last cutest picture in the world of my almost one year old man!  Yikes!


Magnolias and Mimosas

I like your pumpkin vase, I've always wanted to make one, but fear that it wouldn't last long. Perhaps, I'll be inspired to do one next year!

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