Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My Predictions Are...

 That this year will be one for the record books!  We have SOO much going on I cannot even stand it!  The first big thing coming up is Bobby's career conference at the end of January.  This means we will know where the heck we will be moving to next.  That also means I will have a real city to stalk houses for sale in and not just those in our hometowns.  Although we would be tickled pink to move back to NY!  I am just not ready for the whole packing up a house business.  I know the Army will take care of it which makes me even more anxious after some of the horror stories I have heard.  Anyone got a good moving experience??

Next up in the excitingness is our trip to Disney for the Princess Half Marathon!  My parents paid for our room for Christmas and since they are also going we got a swanky two bedroom suite at the Animal Kingdom Villas.  We just love Animal Kindom and I can't wait for my mom to see how incredible it is!  I have been busy making dining reservations, which I compare to studying for my pharmacology tests, and just have on more lunch to figure out!  There will be some good eatin' going on while we are in Disney.  And there better be considering all the calories I will be burning!  Part two of the excitingness of Disney is that two of my best friends (and their hubs) will be there running with me!  All the boys running in their tutus will be pretty funny too...

After we get back from Disney, Bobby will start his terminal leave from the Army.  This will be such a bittersweet time for us both.  This is all we have known for the past 6 years and the only wife I have ever been is an Army wife!  I have met so many amazing people being an Army wife and a ton of those people I have never met face to face!  But we share something special and understand each other better than most non-Army friends. 

Like I said before, a new job means a new house!  I spend hours looking at houses online, mostly in the towns Bobby and I are from, but some in other dream locations.  I have my dream house all planned out in my head.  This will make it easier when we do go to find a house right?  As long as the house has a craft room, I will be happy.  All my crafty goods need a nice new space to spread out.  Another small request is a laundry room.  Something slightly larger than the laundry closet we have right now.  Hopefully unpacking will make it easier to find proper places for all the stuff we have.  A shopping trip to The Container Store might not hurt either...

This past weekend was our last (for real this time) St. Barbara's Day military ball.  And it was extra special for three reasons! 
    1. Bobby's parents came down to come with us!  They had an absolute blast.  Ann even cried.  Twice.
    2. Bobby was awarded the St. Barbara Award!
    3. I was awarded the Molly Pitcher Award!

I'll put some picture up when I get them from Bobby's parents.


Danielle Phillips

We have moved 3 times with govt. movers and had good experiences all times. The only issues we have ever had is finding housing once we got to a new post and that won't be an issue for you! We have had a few things broken but got more money that is was worth for replacement (our washer knob took 2 drops of glue but they paid us like $200!) (Our sons hand me down excersaucer was broken...they gave me $65)! So I would say I have always had good experiences :) I hope that eases some anxiety


Wow! I can't believe his terminal leave is coming up so soon! Sounds like a very exciting year for you guys!

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